miercuri, 16 februarie 2011

Day 16: Your first kiss

The right guy, he´s out there.

I´m just not gonna go kiss
a whole bunch of losers...

to get to him.

Yeah, but you know what?

Sometimes kissing losers
can be a really fun diversion.

When I finally get kissed,
I´ll know.

OK. If you´ve never
kissed a guy before,...

we have bigger problems
than the underwear.

I´ve kissed a guy.

I´ve kissed guys.

I just...

haven´t felt that thing.

That thing?

Is that what you kids
call it these days?

That thing.

That moment when you kiss someone and
everything around you becomes hazy...

and the only thing in focus
is you and this person...

and you realize that
that person...

is the only person that
you´re supposed to kiss...

for the rest of your life.

And for one moment
you get this amazing gift,...

and you wanna laugh,
and you wanna cry...

´Cause you feel so lucky
that you found it...

and so scared that it´ll go away
all at the same time.

Damn, girl. You are a writer.

-secventa din scenariul filmului Never been kissed..

Damn, poate ca voi fi o scriitoare...dar momentan sunt foarte lenesa! :)) asa ca de ce sa mai scriu eu ceva cand am gasit cuvintele scrise de altcineva? :))

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