vineri, 11 februarie 2011

Day 11: Your siblings

Love my lil’ stick, my annoying shadow, the reason of my life, my scarecrow, the reason why I sometimes cry when I’m angry and I get out of bed when I don’t want to….I will always be there for you. Friends come and go, but you’ll be my best friend, my partner in crime, my most devoted defender….We’ll laugh over beers, and when I’ll feel sad, you will kick me out of my house and grab me to a bar, and buy me drinks and then take my drunk ass home. When everyone will say “You look pretty today”, you will laugh hysterically, because you know me better than that. In fact, you’ll probably know me better than everyone else. We will fight a lot, this will never change…That is…Us. But when someone will hurt you, you know- that person….Is in serious danger. When nobody will believe in you anymore, I will be there, listening to your story and giving you wings when you can’t fly. I will carry you when life will become too hard, just as you will carry me anytime I stumble and fall. I will be everything you need. Now, you’re a little one, but, when you’ll grow….You’ll be my best friend. We’ll gossip at 12:00 A.M, (dressed in pajamas, looking absolutely disgusting) about everything, about our problems and lacks ( of money, love, or sex), and we’ll end up arguing, because we are different and we will have different views, but, at one point, we will look at each other and say something like: Damn, you’re right!”, and then, we will know that, after all, we are sisters. You will take me with you at shopping exactly in that moment when I want to stay in front of the TV, with a bowl of ice cream, and you will ignore my sarcastic remarks and my annoying muttering. Even if you will be miles away, I will call you every night to hear you say : Good night!. But I’d like to live with you, to cook together some not comestible food, to fight about who’ll clean up…And stuff like that. There’s only one person that I hug when I’m feeling like breaking her neck…You. My little sister, forever.

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